9 Tips for the 9th Month

September 28, 2016
9 Tips for the 9th Month

My pregnancy is winding down now and even though it’s not my first rodeo, I’m finding myself really trying to make the best of these final weeks. I put together a list of my top nine tips for not just enduring the ninth month, but really savoring and enjoying it. Because, despite all the aches …

Berlin: Wrap Around the World

We’re continuing our Wrap Around the World travel series with this guest post from Neram Nimindé. She’s a PR and brand consultant in the lifestyle and fashion industry, but above all she is a mother of two sweet children under three. Neram is based in Amsterdam, but will soon to be moving to Panama City. …

Second Trimester Favorites

I’m now beyond the half way mark, and while it sounds cliche to say, this pregnancy has really flown by! I hope my first trimester lifesavers helped relieve the anxieties and aches that come with those first 13 weeks, and now I’m excited to share my soothing favorites for this (thankfully!) much more manageable second …


This guest post comes to us from Hailey Andresen. Hailey is the founder of Household Mag. where she shares her life as a stylist, writer, food enthusiast, wife, mother and design lover living in Brooklyn, NY. This September she will be launching her online shop, Household Shop, stocked with goods for you and your household.